Songs: Almighty God (4:08), How Great Thou Art (8:02), Stronger (11:42), God Bless America (23:09), My Hero (52:35)

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Songs: Lay Me Down (3:17), How Deep the Father’s Love For Us (9:06), Be Thou My Vision (11:29), Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (13:12), For the Cross (15:38), I Stand Amazed in the Presence (21:26), Praise Him (1:15:10)

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“Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)” by Hillsong Worship

Why Your Church Should Do This Song

While the live version of the song is 9 minutes long, the actual song is only about 5 minutes long. I love that the chorus is instantly recognizable (as it’s a hymn), and the verses are very solid. Plus it has a huge chance to build over the progression of the song—starting sorrowful and ending triumphantly.

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Verse 1:
All these pieces, broken and scattered
In mercy gathered mended and whole
Empty handed, but not forsaken
I’ve been set free, I’ve been set free Continue Reading…

Songs: Oh God (1:22), The Wonderful Cross (6:39), Holy Spirit (11:28), Wonderful Maker (59:44), Death in His Grave (1:04:08), Your Love is Strong (1:14:31)

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Songs: God Be Praised (0:04), The Last Word (4:39), God is Able (10:07), How Great Thou Art (16:55)



I love drums. They’re the foundation of any good rock worship band. But it does seem like drummers speak their own language some time. Those round boxes they sit behind can make them seem like an alien race.

So I put together these vocabulary words every worship leader needs to understand to help them communicate with their drummer. Yes, this is completely ridiculous. And yes, I know some will be offended by the definitions. But let’s have a bit of fun anyways.

Coldplay Rhythm

Since nobody knows what that rhythm from the song “Clocks” is called, the Coldplay Rhythm is a perfectly adequate word. When you just aren’t feeling the song, this is a good word to have in your back pocket. Don’t be afraid to use it.


Drummers are some of the few people who will understand sound effects. Don’t be afraid to make random sounds and let them interpret. If they can’t decipher your clicks and beeps, what good are they?


You pretty much only need this vocabulary word if you’re doing an old school Chris Tomlin song or a U2 cover song (same difference). But it’s good to know this word so you can yell at the drummer without sounding ignorant when they try it.

The Click

The click is a worship leader’s best friend. When you want to control the drummer while seeming like you aren’t just trying to torture them, put them on a click track. That way you control the speed of the song. If you want to really mess with them, slow down and speed up the click during a song…


This is probably the most important word you need to know when talking a drummer. They absolutely love to be told to play “softer”. It shows them that you acknowledge how passionately they play. As a bonus, suggest they play an electronic set, use brushes, or duct tape their cymbals. They love that.


So that’s our list of vocabulary words for drummers. I truly hope you know this is a joke. But with that being said, it’s your turn. What “drummer vocab words” do you think worship leaders need to know?

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