Songs: You Came to My Rescue (0:06), One Thing Remains (5:23), Your Presence is Heaven (11:10), Holy Spirit (16:51)

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New Song: Oh God

September 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

“Oh God” by Dustin Kensrue

Why Your Church Should Do This Song

This song has a wonderful groove and a very memorable chorus—that’s also a bit unexpected.

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Verse 1:
In the valley, oh God, You’re near
In the quiet, oh God, You’re near
In the shadow, oh God, You’re near
At my breaking, oh God, You’re near
You’re near Continue Reading…

Songs: Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (0:24), Let it Be Known (5:17), God of Our Salvation (8:50), 10,000 Reasons (13:26), No Man is an Island (27:40)

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5 Ways Worship Leaders Could Use Apple Watches

Apple announced it’s new Apple Watches last Tuesday. Definitely some mixed reviews. But how can worship leaders potentially use this device?

It doesn’t matter. I know most worship leaders will buy it anyways. But if you’re looking for a reason to sway a spouse or boss, see if any of these ideas work. (And yes, some of these could be major stretches.) Continue Reading…

Songs: Alive (0:22), This is Amazing Grace (6:46), Christ is Enough (11:14), Broken Vessels (16:54), Closer (1:07:46)

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Songs: Power & Glory (Original) (0:00), Wanna Know (Original) (5:37), Manifesto (9:47), No One Greater (Original) (15:52), Oceans (25:36)

Source: Chris Sligh from Shoreline Church

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