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Songs: All Creatures of Our God And King (2:00), Chosen Generation (5:11), Freedom Is Here (16:37), Cornerstone (19:47), God Is Able (1:04:20)

Source: Tyler Sansom from First Capital Christian Church

Notes: This was a set that went along with with “Equipped” series on using spiritual gifts. On “All Creatures” they used an auto tune/vocoder patch from Reason for vocals. The band consisted of drums, keys, sax, 2 guitars, bass, and 2 vocals.

Songs: To Our God (0:01), Revelation Song (4:52), Closer (1:20:25), Came to My Rescue (1:26:22)

Source: PURE on Vimeo

Songs: Forever (0:00), Let God Arise (4:37), Filled With Glory (10:04), Your Great Name (19:18)

Source: Donnie Holley from Seabreeze Church

Songs: Mighty Redeemer (0:09), Say So (4:16), You Are Good (7:05), Beneath the Waters (12:19), How He Loves (18:38)

Source: Warren Halstrom at Celebration Baptist Church


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Songs: You Never Let Go (1:00), One Thing Remains (9:04), Our God (15:50), Hosanna (1:18:45)

Source: PURE on Vimeo

Songs: Burning in My Soul (5:08), Always (10:49), In Christ Alone (16:20), Here I am to Worship (1:04:03)

Source: Ryan Furr at Terrace Lake Community Church

Sea Breeze Church

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Songs: You Are Good (0:00), Your Name (5:12)

Source: Sea Breeze Church

New Life Church

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Songs: Here I Am to Worship (0:00), This is Our God (5:00), One Thing Remains (11:54), I Need You More (24:56)

Source: New Life Church

How do you pick your worship songs?

The worship pastor selects the list, then we work on it to see how it flows. Some songs are picked based on the sermon.

Cross Church

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Songs: Majestic (0:00), Holy, Holy, Holy (3:35), Revelation Song (6:24), Carry Your Name (12:54)

Source: Cross Church on Vimeo

Songs: Our God Saves (0:00), Your Love Never Fails (15:31), Consuming Fire (21:18), Revelation Song (51:00)

Source: Treasure Coast Community Church on Vimeo

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